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Tips on Finding a Contractor for Your Home Renovation


There will come a time when your home needs renovation. When this time comes, you have to plan the extent of your renovation project, the financing to support your project, and the person who will materialize your renovation project. Here are some tips to remember in order to get a good contractor.


First, it is always wise to do some research when choosing a contractor. You can do this by asking from friends and families to start with, do some research online, and you can also ask from your local association in the contracting industry for references. Asking for references will ensure you that you are dealing with a reliable Home Additions Ottawa ON contractor and will give you insights as to the quality of his work.


Next is to canvass quotations. It is advisable to canvass at least two or three quotations or estimates of your renovation project. This will give you an idea if the quotations are fair and competitive. Make sure the contractors understood the scope of the project so that everything in the project is covered and no area is left out.


Another matter is how comfortable you are with the Complete Home Renovations Ottawa ON contractor. It is best to choose someone who is easy to talk with, readily available and can answer questions immediately when there are urgent matters. It is also good to check if the contractor had no history of complaints from previous clients. Check also if the contractor has insurance for his crew so you won't be liable when accidents happen while they are working in your premise.


The contract is a very important binding agreement between you and your contractor. Make sure that everything is written on the paper, from the responsibilities of both you and contractor, the timetable of your project from start to finish, and the costs agreed upon. It is also good to include on the contract the guarantees that the contractor offered. After all, these guarantees form a part of your decision to choose this particular contractor.


It is very important that during the renovation activity you do some spot checks regularly to make sure the progress and timetable are on schedule as per agreement. Keep your communication open with your contractor to ensure progress and no problems would delay the project. A good contractor would regularly update the homeowner even without the asking of the client. Be aware of extra expenses like unbudgeted purchases for these will increase your project cost.